Joerg Rogge

Geschäftsführer CLI Transport

+ 49 221 27040915


Köhlstraße 10

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Networker, Customer Champion, Operator

Establishing transport networks is Jörg Rogge’s business. As is building good connections. The forwarding agent, who has a degree in business administration, brings with him a wealth of experience. In 1995, he set up a national and then an international transport network for the TechnoCargo joint venture. In 2004, he became Head of Transport and in 2002 Managing Director of the Slovakian branch. In 2012, Head of Transport and, in 2014, Managing Director of a branch of the Fiege Group. In 2017, Jörg Rogge came to CLI, where he continues to develop business with clients in the sanitary industry, since 2019 as Managing Director.